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27.03.2004 - Cottbus im Gladhouse /Support: Casual / 22:00

01.04.2004 - Berlin im Mad'n'Crazy /Support: Casual

02.04.2004 - Burglengenfeld / Support: Casual / 22:00

03.04.2004 - Greifswald in der Kiste "Black Box", Makarenkostr. 49, 17491 Greifswald, Support: Casual

- Nov. 8th, 2003 - Berlin - K17. Sepulcrum Mentis 13-year-jubilee show. Plus special guests tbc and "Alter Sack" (Goth, Glam and Wave for the sad old goth) aftershow party.

Sepulcrum Mentis 13 Year Party

- Okt. 18th, 2003 - Greifswald - The Black Box Support by Reptyle

- Sept. 27th, 2003 - Düsseldorf - Club "Spektakulum" - special appearance at our friends´ Adorned Brood 10-year-jubilee show


Alter Sack Party

Album "Salvation" completed and available!!!
It contains 12 tracks (incl. "Sylvia" - the no. one hit in the MP3 Charts)

Hi Folks,

we have safely returned from the "Lumous"-Festival in Tampere, Finland and boy, that was some experience! Lots of beer, virtually no night (actually there were two hours of twilight each day that could hardly be called a decent night) and the magnificent Finnish summer landscape. Great shows, great clubs, great people! Very special thanks go out to Jyrki, Marjo and the organizers of Schatten, Dusk and Afterhours for making it all possible and all the attendants for providing us with a great time! Hope to see you all again soon.

We will soon post a picture gallery from our Finnish venture plus some soundfiles from the show. So keep on visiting the site for more to come...

photos can be found here:

  • photos from the whole event
  • Mentis live in Tampere
  • Marty and Mr. Gravehill live on the boat


    SM in Zillo and Sonic Seducer:

    Sepulcrum Mentis will be present with one track on both the Zillo-Scope and Sonic Seducer Compilations, included with the June issues of both magazines. They will also have an article in both publications.

    Sepulcrum Mentis werden mit je einem Titel auf den Heftbeilage-Cd´s der Juni-Ausgaben von Zillo und Sonic Seducer vertreten sein. In jedem der beiden Hefte wird es auch einen Artikel geben.