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Damaged Mind
Melodic Goth-Metal from Nuremburg with nice female vocals.
Casual - great dark & death rock from Barcelona!
deutschsprachiger Düstermetal aus dem Nordosten der Republik.
Porcupine Tree
Certainly one of the three most interesting bands on the planet! Prog mixed with hard and melodic elements. Superb!
Good, solid Dark Metal with an edge. And a bunch of great chaps with a sense of humor!
The Mission / Wayne Hussey
Wayne Hussey is god!
Adorned Brood
Medieval tunes meet black metal = Teutonic War Metal. One of the most innovative black metal bands on this planet ... and damned nice chaps, too...
Nice wave-pop in the tradition of Cure/Die Vision.
Great gothic metal with a strong female voice. Definitely a band you will hear more of!
The Chameleons
Sheer brilliance, great music, lovely chaps!
Good, solid dark rock with a slick metal-edge. Feat. Jenne (ex-Dreadful Shadows) and Benny (ex-Ever Eve, ex-Vermilion Fields). Support your local heroes!
All About Eve/J. Regan
Still the most enchanting voice form the other side of the Channel! Glad they´re back!
Dark, melodic rock with an ethereal female voice from Poland. Great stuff... definitely worth a listen.
Kirk Brandon
Another all-time rock`n`roll-hero. Kirk B. of Theatre of Hate and Spear of Destiny fame!! Great guy - support your old heroes!!!!
Melodic wave power pop from Berlin. Nice melodies. Ex Head on Fire.
The House Of Usher
Classic Goth Rock from Germany. Nice and quite informative site, offering lots of soundfiles, news...check it out !
Fresh and electronic goth rock from Berlin´s styliest gang... nice debut.
Jessica´s Ascension
Webpage of the new project of Christian, the guitarrero of MADRE.
The Church
The best band EVER!!! (at least in Marty´s opinion!)
The Convent
The art of beautiful melancholy. Check them out if you do not know them already!
Rockin´ New Wave from Berlin. Good stuff! Check them out!
Last Lament
Verträumter Gothic-Folk-Electro aus Berlin
Delicia Veit
The God of Rock`N`Roll believes in Delicia Veit
- - - [Gothics-Nature] - - -
Web-Zine for Gothic and Underground.
Skeletal Remains
Old School Goth, Death Rock, Dark Punk, Eighties andmore...
Other Stuff
Dark Obsession
Die Internetpräsenz zur kostenlosen Printausgabe
erotic pic's
Cantus Infernum
The old Gothic´s home, Virtuelles Altenheim für Alternde Schwarze Seelen. und auch mal das ein oder andere Interessante oder Uninteressante aus der Szene für die Szene.
OTL´s and Tweety´s gothic-party-photo-page. Check it out.
Willkommen im Refraktor.Net, dem Online-Archiv des Refraktor-Magazins...
Goth City
Goth City - The City Never Sleeps...